Why We Still Run Our Own Blogs

Recorded on April 4th, 2016

Eddie Smith just moved Practically Efficient to Jekyll + GitHub:

Even though indie blogging has been relegated to third-, fourth-, maybe fifth-class citizen status on the internet in the last few years, I’m still grateful it lives on through the people who won’t let it go. I’ve seen so many talented, passionate bloggers move on to other mediums like podcasting or get sucked into aggregator-ish, socially-charged platforms like Facebook and Medium to chase the high of extra-instant attention, only to find that individual thoughts quickly wash away in a relentless social tsunami that leaves no trace of individual identity or permanence.

I tried to say that a while back in Why to Host Your Own Stuff, but I didn’t crystallize it nearly as well as Eddie did. He moved from Squarespace to Jekyll primarily because of Markdown editing frustrations, and in the process, he gained a huge amount of control over his content and the way it’s delivered. He also learned a bunch of new stuff to get it all working the way he liked. And since Jekyll pre-builds everything as pure HTML, his site got really fast, too.

More reasons to roll your own and go the nerdy route!

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