We Already Miss Caroline Crawley

Recorded on October 9th, 2016

I guess this will happen more and more often. Musicians I love will pass away before I properly learn their names. Caroline Crawley, co-founder and singer of Shelleyan Orphan, has died.

A lot of 4AD-ish bands passed in and out of my Sony Walkman when I was in college in the early ’90s. I don’t even think Shelleyan Orphan were on 4AD, but you get the idea. Humroot was one of those albums where I got drawn in by one song (probably “Fishes”), got the record, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that all the other songs were just as good, and inhabited their own world, distinct from the other bands who were popular then. If you’ve never heard them, that record sounded like the cover art looked.

It’s silly and insignificant of me to write a single blog post about someone who made so much great art, but here we are.

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