Waterlogged App for Water Tracking and Reminders

Recorded on June 30th, 2016

screenshot of Waterlogged app

I finally caved and bought one of the million water-tracking apps for the iPhone. I’ve never been good about drinking enough water regularly. One of the main reasons I want to get better at it, other than just the need to not feel like a dried-out husk, is that I don’t want to ever deal with a kidney stone (knock-on-wood100).

There seem to be many decent water-tracking apps, but the one that I liked the features and looks of the best was Waterlogged. It’s good at making it super-fast to log any kind of container of water, and the amount filled in the virtual water bottle in the screenshot above actually sloshes around when you move the phone. I’m easily entertained. So easily.

I downloaded the free version, knowing that I’d soon pony up the $3.99 to unlock the “Smart Reminders” feature. If you haven’t logged enough water intake at certain points throughout the day, it’ll give you a gentle reminder to drink another 8 oz so you can reach your milestones and eventually get to whatever daily goal you set.

screenshot of reminders in Waterlogged

I like the Smart Reminders, because most daily reminders to do anything on my phone get quickly ignored as background noise. These somewhat random pings to stay hydrated have more novelty for now, and somehow don’t seem annoying (yet).

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