Ward Cunningham, the Inventor of the Wiki

Recorded on April 15th, 2016

photo of Ward Cunningham from Wikimedia [Ward Cunningham - Wikimedia]

The other morning, I randomly thought, “What was the first wiki software?” Of course, Wikipedia provided the answer to this recursive question: WikiWikiWeb was it. I didn’t predict that there would be a photo of Ward Cunningham, the human inventor of the software and the “wiki” concept. There he is in 2011, a regular-looking dude, smiling, knowing he was the one to design the first user-editable website.

Think of all that his work spawned. There are wikis for everything now: group knowledge management, documentation, journaling, even entire e-books. We might eventually have gotten to something like Wikipedia as we know it today, but would it have happened as quickly?

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