Shopping for Vinyl with Drafts and Editorial

Recorded on March 18th, 2016

The other day on a recent Back to Work (and I can’t remember which one exactly), Merlin explained to Dan about how to prepend and append text to a draft in Drafts. I’ve used this trick, but more often for prepending than for than appending. When Merlin described the use cases, I realized that appending can be especially powerful if you’ve started the bare bones of a draft, and just want to dump a bunch of hyperlinks, ideas, or whatever into it when you think of them.

Before I went record shopping the other day (thanks to a Steady Sounds birthday gift card from my thoughtful wife!), I wanted to collect all the stuff that I meant to be on the lookout for and put it in a temporary music to buy today.txt file. I typically have a long-standing music to check out.txt file and an LPs to buy.txt file in Dropbox that I can get to with Editorial or Notesy. There are entries scattered all over those two files, and I’m able to focus more in the record store if I have one consolidated, top-priority list instead of switching between two of them. So I quickly scrolled through each of those reference files, selected the text for each record or song I wanted to watch for, and tapped the Share action.

photo of selecting and sharing text on iOS

After that, I’d tap “Append” on the pop-up Drafts share sheet. image of Drafts share sheet

And behind the scenes, the line would append to the music to buy today draft. This is what it looked like after appending a bunch of items.

image of a line appended to an entry in Drafts app

After I collected all the vital music to look for, I sent the draft over to Editorial, and used the Sort Selection workflow from @olemoritz (the creator of Editorial) to alphabetize the lines. And then I used Federico Vittici’s List workflow to turn those lines into an unordered Markdown list.

image of an ordered Markdown list

Finally, I used the Preview mode in Editorial to actually pull up the list when I was in the store. The nice thing about Preview mode is that you can’t accidentally go into edit mode by tapping the screen. It’s just like a piece of paper, but on the phone.

image of a Markdown list in Editorial Preview

In practice, it is actually very quick to go through all these steps. The Drafts share sheet just does its thing and gets out of the way. And Editorial can do anything you can dream up if you find/build the workflow for it. Once you try this process, you’ll think of all sorts of uses for it.

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