TunnerBear VPN

Recorded on December 3rd, 2016

I’ve never worried too much about using a VPN. I don’t use one when I’m just on 3G/4G, and I only connect to a small handful of wifi networks other than home during the course of the week. But recent changes in “the world” have made me more paranoid.

One service that comes up repeatedly is TunnelBear. It’s a free VPN that’s super easy to use on iOS. You can pay for it, too, but you can get a long way by topping-up your available data by periodically doing a pre-formatted tweet that advertises TunnelBear. They give you a tweet, you post it, and then you automatically get another chunk of data.

There’s some debate on Reddit about how trustworthy they are. I glanced at their privacy policy and they flatly say that they don’t do logging, which is good. I don’t know - even if they don’t have bulletproof privacy, I think it’s still better to funnel my traffic through a VPN than through a wifi network outside of home.

I’m tempted to just go for the $49.99/year unlimited option, but for now, I’ll see how the free one works.

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