The Levi’s Store in Short Pump Is Gone

Recorded on May 16th, 2016

That title makes me think of American Music Club.

In case you dudes find yourselves wanting to make a twice-a-decade trip to buy some jeans in Richmond, you can take the former Levi’s store that once was at Shorte Pumpe Towne Centre off your list. It’s just gone, replaced by something else — I forget what. No warning. I felt like it was somehow my fault for not buying enough jeans over the years. The H&M is still there, though, for when your significant other needs to take a retail break from your hunting for retail.

The new just-as-good place to get jeans is the Macy’s in the same towne centre. They had everything I needed tonight, and even in my size. (Note: the 514 style is the new go-to. Not baggy, not hipster-skinny.) And they had them in Anton Newcombe White among other colors.

Bonus: Between the former location of the absent Levi’s store and the Macy’s is now a Chick-fil-A. Right there, right in the mall. It’s like God wanted you to eat chicken sandwiches.

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