Recorded on December 24th, 2016


I started reading High Fidelity magazine around 2nd or 3rd grade. Dad left them lying around the house (i.e., the bathroom) and I learned about tape equalization, wow & flutter, turntable rumble, FM multipath interference, and speaker placement. Every month, they had a whole section where they’d announce new products. These weren’t reviews — they were little photos and blurbs like:

Shure announces new cartridge lineup. The V-15 Type IV and M44-7 are moving magnet cartridges and will sell for $179 and $129, respectively.

(I completely made up those specs and prices, btw.) I thought “respectively” meant something more like “respectfully”, as in, “Well, these are the prices, and we all agree that this stuff is expensive to design and manufacture, so have some respect for the pricing”. I only learned years later that the products listed corresponded in order with the prices that followed, which is what the word “respectively” is for.

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