Phoning It In

Recorded on January 28th, 2017

Sometimes when it’s time to do our nightly art/writing/posting, we whine to each other, saying, “I don’t wanna do art. Art sucks. I’m tired. Bleah.” And then we tell each other to phone it in. This can have a double meaning, because we’re both good at using our literal phones to create whatever we’re going to post that night.

On top of that is the nagging feeling that none of this art matters, really. It’s something that could sneak up on us anytime, not just when the executive branch is run by buffoons.

But now, whoa. Now, I just feel like eating pizza every night, drinking one extra beer with dinner, getting a dog, buying whatever toys we want, and taking a nap on the couch, all because the endless parade of news tidbits arrives via wifi, each one more depressing and rage-inspiring than the last.

Is everyone with me? Does anyone have a creative spark left? My resistance flame surely hasn’t gone out, but that pilot light is about all I have in me these days. And it’s only been the first full week. Holy shit.

Today I heard Ari Shapiro ask David Brooks on All Things Considered what he thought Trump’s first-week executive actions told us about him. His response was:

“My expectations are never low enough… No matter how low you start, he exceeds them.”

That’s where everybody is right now, and it’s easy to get tired.

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