When Your Phone Needs a Boost, Part II

Recorded on January 22nd, 2017

I wrote last week about the Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger but had not had a chance to try it out. Well, yesterday’s Women’s March on Washington was our first real-world test of it, and it was more than up to the challenge. I fully charged my iPhone with it twice and it still shows four out of four bars of charge right now. That gauge isn’t scientific, but it leads me to believe that we’d still be ok if we had to charge another phone fully.

It’s small and light enough that you can forget it’s in a coat pocket, or even a jeans back pocket if you’re walking around. The matte plastic finish is easy on the eyes (no painted plastic!) and it has rounded corners which make it easy to grip and unlikely to slip out of your hands.

If you’re going to anything like a protest or a hike where you’ll be heavily dependent on your phone and away from a power source for many hours, you really have to get something like this. Just don’t forget to charge it the night before, and pack it with your USB-to-Lightning cable with the rest of your gear.

And no, there are no affiliate links to this product, again. I’m too lazy, again. So there’s nothing in it for me if you buy one.

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