Pentax IQZoom 120Mi 35mm Camera

Recorded on October 17th, 2016


Dad gave me a ton of his old photography equipment yesterday. A very nice flash, very nice light meter, filters, camera bag, darkroom equipment (enlarger!), and a Pentax IQZoom 120Mi point-and-shoot 35mm camera (also known as the Espio 120Mi). I don’t have a battery for it yet, but they’re widely available. I’ve been reading about it and it has tons of fans on Flickr and in reviews like this one. The lens appears to be a bit slow, but people love its sharpness. It also does panoramas, has an adjustable diopter on the viewfinder, and has a metal exterior. Once I get a battery, I envision taking this with me everywhere so I’ll always have a film camera handy.

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