Mark Fernandes of Luck Companies: Values Based Leadership

Recorded on May 9th, 2016

My notes from a recent talk by Mark Fernandes, ‎Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Stone, about values based leadership:

Key ideas:

  • Leadership is serving. The job of leaders is to convince people, “You’re OK - put your Superman cape back on” (to get into the headspace you’re in as a child, when you put on a Superman cape and think you can literally fly).
  • Bosses control the climate (not the culture). Great leaders/bosses can still deliver a positive climate to their direct reports (even if they’re getting acid-rained on) by putting up an “umbrella”.
  • Luck Companies believes doing good (making a difference in the lives of associates) is the best path to doing well (extraordinary personal & business performance).

Three things to inspire in others:

  • Hope: Remind people constantly of their value, worth, and dignity.
  • Trust: You can’t deliver hope without it.
  • Belief: The best leaders leave us feeling better about ourselves - not that the leader is the greatest/smartest person in the room.
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