Ilford Antistatic Cloth for Scanning Negatives

Recorded on November 20th, 2016

If you spend any time at all scanning your own negatives, you owe it to yourself to get an Ilford antistatic cloth. Amazon has them for $16 now, which may seem like a lot, but I’ve paid almost that much just for high resolution scans alone. In forum after forum, the Ilford cloths came up as the only one to get.

Before I had this cloth, I would scan negatives and be a little bummed at all the speckly dust I had to remove in Pixelmator or Lightroom after scanning — especially for black and white photos. A wipe with this cloth before laying the negative in the tray removes almost all the loose dust. I give them one last blast of air from a bulb before inserting the film tray in the scanner. I can spend more time scanning and gazing at photos and less time using the Heal tool.

While you’re at it, order some cotton gloves. You don’t want your greasy paws leaving fingerprints on your negatives.

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