Guided By Voices and Destroyer at The Jefferson in Charlottesville — Oct. 7, 2016

Recorded on October 8th, 2016


Dan Bejar looked like he didn’t care if there were three people or 300, and rightly so. Nobody in the room was cooler than him. The songs, the songs.


GBV preaching the rock gospel.

GBV weren’t that loud - no earplugs were necessary, although we were prepared.

Bob, to the crowd: “We’re gonna play 50 songs. That’s less than $1 per song.”

I don’t remember the last time I saw someone with a hand-decorated Psychic TV-logo jean jacket, but she wore it well.

Our friend Tina, imagining what Bob says to his hired guns: “I’ve got 5,000 songs. Be ready.”

“Cut-out Witch” was a hit, judging by the crowd’s reaction.

I checked and Bob Pollard has now written many more songs (at least 2000+) than Mozart composed works (600+).

“Not Behind the Fighter Jet” also earned raucous applause and acknowledgement.

Bob’s legs at 58 are more flexible than mine at 45.

Bob handed out beers from the on-stage cooler to a few front-row fans.

GBV played three encores and ended with “Baba O’Riley”. BABA O’RILEY.

A few relevant lyrics from “Psychic Pilot Clocks Out”:

Service time is lonely
Live it up before you pass away

I feel life passing on by us…

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