Get Some First Alert LED Emergency Flares for Your Car

Recorded on September 8th, 2016

AltTextHere The other night, when my car was slowly losing electrical power due to corroded battery terminals, I was getting very nervous that we’d have to pull over on some dark stretch of road if things went bad. At the time, I was without any emergency flares of any sort, and did not want some oncoming vehicle to not see us until it was too late.

Luckily, we made it home without the car dying, and right away I ordered sets of First Alert LED Emergency Flare 3-Packs for both of our cars. I’ve now put the AmazonBasics batteries in them and they are bright. Super-bright. Like, I-can’t-look-directly-at-them-bright. They can either flash or stay steadily on. They also seem like they’re made solidly, so I am feeling pretty good about having them on hand. I recommend them. Safety first!

(By the way, I’m too lazy to put Amazon Affiliate links into anything I link to on Amazon anymore, so I get exactly nothing from promoting stuff like this, except the knowledge that I’m making people safer.)

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