Film Photography Is a Way to Get Amazing Images for Cheap

Recorded on October 11th, 2016

Thanks to Phil Kneen and his post, The £1000 film look, I’m finally waking up to the potential still just sitting there in all the film cameras in the world. Instead of shelling out many hundreds of dollars for digital camera bodies and then hundreds more for the lenses for those, you can find used film cameras for unbelievably low prices out there. I keep looking at eBay and I see SLR after SLR, many with 50mm lenses included, for $100 or less. Well-regarded cameras like the Minolta X-570 or the Olympus OM-2n. To get the equivalent image quality out of digital gear, you’d need to spend almost 10 times that amount. And it still wouldn’t be film in the end.

My GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) is kicking in, but at these prices, I can’t afford for it not to!

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