Favorite Tracks Released in 2017

Recorded on January 9th, 2018

Many of the songs/pieces I loved this past year were released way before 2017 and came to me by way of my fellow music-obsessives @squealermusic, @fuzzsonic and @KingTritonStow. That full list is long and not shown here. The list below is limited to the stuff that was released (or re-released) in 2017. In no particular order, of course!

Marvin Pontiac (actually John Lurie) – “I Hope She Is Okay
John Lurie. Still crazy and great.

Elder – “Sanctuary
New riffs announce themselves at just the right time, every time.

Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble – “Breath of Life
Oh god YES. Originally released in 1973, re-released in 2017 by Eremite Records. @tywilc caught my attention (via @squealermusic, naturally) by pointing out this accurate assessment from the liner notes: “There’s not another record on the planet that sounds even remotely like vibraphonist Khan Jamal’s eccentric, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, Drum Dance To The Motherland.” The whole album is astounding.

Jax Deluca and Phong Tran – “Tardigrade Soul
Well worth 32 minutes and 24 seconds.

Mosquitos – “Mexican Dust
Heard on the WCVE World Music show with Ian Stewart.

Alex Cuba – “Chekere
Also from WCVE World Music. I don’t love this whole album, but this song grabbed me.

Molly Burch – “Wrong for You
What a little womb-universe she creates.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “fullmoon
Embarrassed to admit I’d never heard the Paul Bowles quote from “The Sheltering Sky” that starts this off.

Alvvays – “Archie, Marry Me
Wise beyond their years. Not a wasted note. Swoon.

Priests – “Nothing Feels Natural
Goodness, it’s like I’m staying up from midnight to 2am to watch “120 Minutes” in 1990 when I should be studying.

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