App for Habit Tracking

Recorded on May 17th, 2016

If you’re like me and prone to an absence of good habits, or a continual struggle to get back on the hoss with good ones, you may think there’s an app that can help. There is. There are (many). The one I’ve been trying for the past week with great success is All the bling-bling awards and way-to-go animations and the emails to hire a coach are a little much, but it’s nicely designed and works well. It’s free, although I wish they charged at least a few dollars. I think it’s better to pay for apps you depend on.

Here’s my list from today, and I’m not even revealing the really dorky stuff:

screenshot from app

The deal with any of these habit-tracking apps is that they’re only effective if you use them consistently. (Habit List is another great one.) You have to have enough habits in there that you check them off as you complete them throughout the day, and when you do you’ll see and be reminded of what the next thing is that you wanted to accomplish. You just have to live in it, no matter which one you pick.

I did end up flossing, btw.

And “morning squatting” is not a euphemism.

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