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The Starlight Pocket VR Glasses Are Definitely Worth $15

Recorded on September 14th, 2016


I’m impatient for Mattel’s new 2.0 version of their Google Cardboard headset to come out. I’m so impatient that I ordered the Starlight Pocket VR Goggles to get us over the hump in the meantime. I figured I couldn’t go wrong for $15 and I was right. It’s not a precision optical device, but it’s good enough that you get the idea. And any smartphone-based VR headset isn’t going to have a huge, immersive field of view, but when the animation is smooth enough, your brain can be tricked into some great reactions. Sarah and I had the predictable “whoa-whoa-WHOAAA” reaction while watching the roller coaster demo app. I love a good toy.

The main downside to any of these things is that by having a big fat lens right up close to your iPhone screen, you see how far we have to go before we get decent resolution in a cheap (non-Oculus Rift) VR package. Also, you have to hold these in front of your face, so you’re not apt to do it for too long before you get tired. But as a taste of what’s to come, $15 is the right price.