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Adding and Browsing By Tags in 1Writer

Recorded on February 10th, 2016

1Writer isn’t my main iOS text editor1, but it is especially great at at least one thing: dealing with hashtags in text files.

If you need a hashtag in a document, like #taskpaper, you can start typing it and 1Writer will auto-suggest a matching tag if you’ve used it before:


When you switch to Preview mode, any hashtags in your text will turn into hyperlinks. (In this case, the text is HTML converted to Markdown from “My Text File Naming Taxonomy”, on Technology Notes.2)


And tapping on one of them will kick off a search for the matching hashtag in your 1Writer documents.


When you’re browsing your 1Writer folders and forget what brilliant tags you’ve assigned in the past, go to the files home screen and tap on “Tags” at the top to see a list of your tags and filter by just the one you want to search on.


It is crazy that this is possible in text files. It’s also handy if you’ve exported tagged journal entries as text files from Day One, as long as you entered those hashtags as plain text in the entries. Day One will convert text hashtags to native hashtags, but not the other way around.

Day One

  1. That would be Editorial

  2. Technology Notes is a goldmine of plaintext nerdery.