Regarding Social Media

Inessential Tweets from the Peanut Gallery

Recorded on October 19th, 2016

Ok, deep breath, debate over. Lots of sighing, gnashing of teeth, and drinking (by us). All the bad hombres aside, we watched it on the CBSN app on the Roku because we don’t have cable. It’s a pretty sweet deal. HD video, a CNN-like channel all day - especially good for election season. But the price is having to sit through a super-annoying “curated list” of tweets at the bottom of the screen, almost the whole time. Some tweets from The Orange-Faced One, some from journalists, and some from regular people. All unnecessary, all distracting.

Why do we need this? None of those tweets added anything to the exchange, and they arguably detracted from it. They’re as pointless as the opinion dials that the undecideds twist back and forth after every utterance of the candidates.