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I Wouldn’t Buy Duracell Batteries on Amazon

Recorded on September 6th, 2016

Last night, I was looking (and looking, and looking) for some Duracell batteries on Amazon. We would typically buy those at Target or a hardware store, but I always jump at the chance to put our Prime membership to use. I thought it would be easy to find a big ol’ pack of AAA Duracells on Amazon and have one fewer item on the list for the next trip to an actual store. Not so easy.

You can tell by the distribution of reviews that lots and lots of those Duracell packs have an outsized number of 1-star ratings. Some frequent complaints are “They came in a weird no-label package with handwritten labels” and “They sent me counterfeits”. I’m a really patient, thorough researcher, and even I got so discouraged by all the bad reviews that I gave up the idea of getting them from Amazon. If I really want Duracells, I’ll buy them at a store in town.

Since I had a bee in my bonnet by then, I went with a pack of AmazonBasics batteries. The consensus of the reviews is that they’re pretty good, maybe not quite as good as non-counterfeit Duracells, but also cheaper. I will report back about how they do. At least it was nice that they came in the frustration-free cardboard box and not a blister pack that will cut your hand.

And yes, I’m aware that I’m buying the house brand of batteries, but FakeSpot seemed to think that the reviews were trustworthy.