Regarding Repairs

RCA Dryer Belt Replaced

Recorded on January 1st, 2017

The General Electric WE12X10014 replacement belt arrived from Amazon and is indeed a perfect replacement for the OEM one in the RCA DRB1555RAL clothes dryer. The two videos below (for similar GE models) were instrumental in getting the repair done right.

The first big lesson was that if you’ve routed the belt through the idler pulley correctly, the blower (same axle as the motor) should turn when you turn the drum. If it doesn’t, something isn’t right. That’s what I saw on the first attempt at threading the belt — no blower movement. After I realized I wasn’t routing the belt around the pulley, I pulled the back cover off the unit and got the belt tensioned the right way. This diagram from shows approximately the right belt path. Our dryer has the wire-type idler arm:


The second big lesson was to take the opportunity to vacuum the inside of the dryer thoroughly while it was disassembled. There was so much linty gunk piled up that it’s amazing the dryer worked at all before. Now it dries stuff even faster and better.

All that for a total of $6.75!

It’s Always Something: Broken Clothes Dryer Belt

Recorded on December 27th, 2016


Yay. A banner end to Xmas vacation. The drive belt on our RCA clothes dryer (model DRB1555RAL) is broken. Amazon says the General Electric WE12X10014 is a suitable replacement. Now we get to order enough extra stuff to get it shipped as an Add-On Item. I’ll report back when it gets here.

Not All Doorknob Spindles Are the Same Thread Pitch

Recorded on August 15th, 2016

Arrrrrrgh. The 17/64” x 17/64” x 3.5” replacement spindle I got for the back door doorknob was the wrong thread pitch. I thought they were all supposed to be standardized, but the set of doorknobs I have turned out to be 16 threads per inch (TPI), and the new spindle I bought is 20 TPI (here):


The only spindle on Amazon or anywhere else that’s 3.5” with 16 TPI is a 9/32” x 9/32” “non-standard” spindle, so I hope that’s close enough when it gets here. Here it is: