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Trello’s Cool Built-In Calendar for Multiple Pressing Deadlines

Recorded on July 14th, 2016

Last night I whined about how I couldn’t keep it all straight when multiple deadlines start piling up in parallel projects. My TaskPaper master file isn’t going anywhere, but I accept that sometimes life gets crazy enough that you need to swap part of your stuff into another system, just to get a big picture of what’s going on for the next few weeks and keep the momentum going of all those projects.

Here are a couple of projects in Trello on iOS that look a lot like actual projects (that I don’t want to show). I first listed some milestones for each project on various cards, then assigned them some due dates without thinking too much about it.

screenshot of some Trello lists

Then, on the non-mobile browser version, you have a couple of calendar views of all the cards that have due dates. I’m attempting to use those dates as milestones, not as “start and finish this task on this day” dates.

Here’s the month view, which makes it easy to see how close your tasks are getting to the final due date of the project (mine is labeled in red). You can also get a good sense of where you’re going to be loaded down. Magically, you drag cards around in the calendar and their dates change when you go back to the card details view. The final cool thing about Trello calendar views is that you can plug their iCal feeds into Google Calendar, if you really want to see how your aspirational milestones map against the existing commitments of real life:

screenshot of Trello month calendar

I especially like the week calendar, because it groups your tasks by project, and you can read the cards more easily. It shows you clearly what you need to focus on today (or what you should have focused on yesterday if you waited this long to review everything).

screenshot of weekly calendar in Trello

I will give this a shot!