Regarding Portland

The Kenton Audio Walk in Portland, Oregon

Recorded on April 18th, 2016

My friend David in Portland, Oregon writes an enchanting blog called The Portland Orbit (part of the collective behind the equally great Pittsburgh Orbit and Osaka Orbit). With the Portland edition, you never know if you’re going to read about local frogs, local nuts on the Trimet, or local art. This time, David treats us to a highlight on Disjecta’s current exhibit “The Music That Makes Us”, an installation/festival that focuses on the Kenton neighborhood’s wide array of musicians.

For me, the hook is their Kenton Audio Walk, which we can luckily enjoy long-distance, although I know it would be even better in person. Its various voices and music tell a great story and put you right in the Kenton musical environment. I can imagine myself walking down those streets as it unfolds.

You can listen to it in the car or play it on computer speakers, but I believe it’s better with earbuds/headphones. Take the time and dig it!

Kenton Audio Walk, Part 1:

Kenton Audio Walk, Part 2: