Regarding Note To Self


Recorded on December 31st, 2016

Tagged under “note to self”:

We had dinner with an old friend of mine who was visiting town the other night. My friend is one of those people who maybe doesn’t seek out conflict, but has no aversion to it, and loves to debate with anyone who’s up for it. We eventually got around to the election, past the “how did this happen?” part, and onto the “what do we do?” part. He encouraged us to do these things:

  • Donate money to the activist cause of your choice regularly. Don’t just give a passion-filled donation to the ACLU one time and then forget about it. Set up monthly recurring donations of whatever you can afford, and rotate through organizations if you have to. The key is to keep giving them money consistently. Show your friends how easy it is to contribute.
  • Subscribe to newspapers, whether they’re paper or online. They need your support to keep doing good work.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of being polite liberal Democrats, afraid to speak up for others. Any and every time you see someone being picked on or discriminated against, defend them, even if it means physically standing next to them and silently staring down their antagonist. Do not budge on this, ever.
  • Every time this new administration does something wrong, or announces that they will, call it out. Let them know we are watching and we will stand in their way at every opportunity. Call your elected representatives to register your protest.
  • Learn about and support local/state political candidates so you know what’s going on around you.
  • Put pressure on companies when they give assholes a platform, like A&E almost did before they canceled the “Generation KKK” series, and like Kellogg’s was doing before they pulled advertising dollars from Breitbart. Loudly complain and tell them you’ll take your money elsewhere, and encourage your friends to do the same on social media.
  • Give money to local needy people and charities.
  • Support events that benefit good causes. You can even host your own. Just make as direct and fast and visible a line as possible between the event and the money/time going to the cause.
  • Participate in the January 21 Women’s March on Washington. Yes, men are invited.
  • If you can be brave, be brave. If you can’t be brave, be helpful.
  • Keep doing all of the above things, over and over, as long as it takes.

Also, ask other folks about their lives, especially when those people aren’t exactly like you. Learn about what they struggle with, where they live, how they juggle bills, how they work, and how they feed their families. This is always a good thing to do whether you’re #resist-ing or not.