Regarding Life

Don’t Put Off Lunch Plans, or Beer, or Travel, or Thanking People

Recorded on June 27th, 2016

I learned today that one of my dearest friends from work passed away in her sleep last night. Everyone who knew her is shocked and saddened by the sudden loss. I saw her in the cafeteria just last week and she said, “We need to make lunch plans”, and I emailed a note to myself to remind me to do just that. When I returned to my desk I got distracted by some other surely more “important” task and never got around to scheduling it. It was a to-do that I let slip through the cracks and now it’s too late. This is a reminder to myself to not do that in the future. When you say you’re going to hang out with people, get those plans on the calendar. If good beer and good conversation are involved, that’s even more reason to put it high on your list of priorities. The same goes for travel to foreign (or domestic) lands. And it goes double for thanking people for small and big things.