Regarding Lectures

Andrew W.K. Is Coming to Richmond in November!

Recorded on July 24th, 2016

Andrew W.K. is coming to speak at Capital Ale House in November! I have no idea what to expect, but I bet it’s gonna be good. He’s not kidding when he talks about his philosophy of partying. There’s no irony to it. This Flavorwire piece about him is a good introduction to how he views partying and expressing joy as inseparable, something we’re all called to do.

Here’s Andrew W.K.’s description of what to expect with his talk. Get your tickets now!

By its very nature, the inner experience of a human being can be a vortex of confusion and clarity. The current climate in America isn’t always aiding us in how to best grapple with the fundamental complexities of being who we are - being at our best. During this 50 state odyssey, we aren’t looking for a specific stance on any particular political issue. Instead, we’re looking to fortify the foundation of our spirit, so that we can each follow our individual destiny and pursue our own personal exploration of life as best we can. We are uniting around what we have in common - our shared humanity. This tour is a coming together for the sake of partying together. Even if we have different ideas from one another, or don’t know all the answers to all the questions, we can still party together. This is a celebration of positive partying - this is a party about partying.