Regarding Learning

Nick Blackbourn: Your notes are the record of your lifetime of learning and thinking

Recorded on March 9th, 2018

Nick Blackbourn on Digital Note Taking:

Your notes can be the greatest asset in your working life. This is no exaggeration. Your notes are the record of your lifetime of learning and thinking.

You are what you pay attention to. Read great books, absorb fascinating ideas, and look to make connections between them. Taking notes is how you do this. (When I say ‘read’, I also mean watch, listen, etc.) Notes are an aid for your mind as you seek to know more, acquire wisdom, and prevent important concepts slipping from your consciousness.

Mark Fernandes of Luck Companies: Values Based Leadership

Recorded on May 9th, 2016

My notes from a recent talk by Mark Fernandes, ‎Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Stone, about values based leadership:

Key ideas:

  • Leadership is serving. The job of leaders is to convince people, “You’re OK - put your Superman cape back on” (to get into the headspace you’re in as a child, when you put on a Superman cape and think you can literally fly).
  • Bosses control the climate (not the culture). Great leaders/bosses can still deliver a positive climate to their direct reports (even if they’re getting acid-rained on) by putting up an “umbrella”.
  • Luck Companies believes doing good (making a difference in the lives of associates) is the best path to doing well (extraordinary personal & business performance).

Three things to inspire in others:

  • Hope: Remind people constantly of their value, worth, and dignity.
  • Trust: You can’t deliver hope without it.
  • Belief: The best leaders leave us feeling better about ourselves - not that the leader is the greatest/smartest person in the room.