Regarding Emails

Dreamhost Email Problems

Recorded on April 22nd, 2016

Dreamhost is having email problems again, most evident in the weird 8- to 12-hour or even 18-hour delays in getting email. Email that you know for damn sure isn’t spam and isn’t misaddressed. They have troubles like this every so often, but this is the most persistent and severe problem I’ve seen with them in all the years they’ve hosted my domain.

I suspected something stank in the Dreamhost world. These were the most recent Dreamhost+email tweets I found tonight:

screenshot of Dreamhost-related tweets

I’m not running a business with my email, so the delay isn’t a total killer, but dangit, I need email to arrive on time to know every Thursday if the Bow Tie is going to show anything decent at Movies & Mimosas on Sunday. This is serious.

It all may be the universe telling me it’s past time to move to FastMail like the rest of the wise nerds do. Or at least Hover, which lets you tack on a forward-only email plan to a Hover-managed domain for $5/year(!).