Regarding Dick Cavett

Robert Mitchum on “The Dick Cavett Show”, 1971

Recorded on March 29th, 2016

Years ago, back when we still got Netflix DVDs in the mail, I got converted to the gospel of “The Dick Cavett Show”. Aside from George Harrison and Ingmar Bergman, Robert Mitchum was the guest whose interview stuck with me the longest. I remember when I first saw this episode, I realized I’d never witnessed someone make such a cool stage entrance. He looks like he could take or leave the whole engagement as long as he gets to keep his styrofoam cup of scotch. And those luxurious speech patterns, where every muscle in his face is relaxed. I don’t think he’s just drunk. His internal clock is synced to some other slower planetary orbit. You’ll wait for him and be glad to do it.

I felt validated when we recently watched Jonathan on “Bored to Death” study Mitchum on that same Cavett episode in preparation for his own upcoming interview. Nice to see my peers still go ape for someone with such a command of the room.