Regarding Death

Celebrities I Worry About Dying

Recorded on September 5th, 2016

A couple of my dear friends have died recently and it’s hard to process. It puts me in a darker place than usual. Two of the text files I keep on my phone are Celebrity deaths that meant something to me.txt and Celebrities I worry about dying.txt. Two things are apparent after considering these lists and the list-maker:

  1. Everyone dies. We just happen to be on the cusp of a whole lot of baby boomer celebrities leaving us over a short period of time.
  2. The lists are selfishly more about me, the time I grew up in, and my need to organize information than they are about the people on the lists, although I do love all of them. But it’s not like I’ve met them. I just want to remember that they are/were important.

This is the current state of Celebrities I worry about dying.txt. The numbers beside all the names are their current ages. If they’re wrong, it’s Wikipedia’s fault.

Alan Alda (80)
Vashti Bunyan (70 or 71)
Carol Burnett (83)
Wendy Carlos (76)
Jimmy Carter (91)
Dick Cavett (79)
Noam Chomsky (87)
John Cleese (76)
David Crosby (75)
Judi Dench (81)
Donovan (70)
Bob Dylan (75)
Mick Fleetwood (69)
John Fogerty (71)
Peter Gabriel (66)
Emmylou Harris (69)
Debbie Harry (71)
Howard Hesseman (76)
Peter Hook (60)
Eric Idle (73)
Yusuf Islam (68)
Mick Jagger (73)
Billy Joel (67)
John Paul Jones (70)
Greg Lake (68)
Angela Lansbury (90)
Geddy Lee (63)
David Letterman (69)
Alex Lifeson (63)
Steve Martin (71)
Brian May (69)
Paul McCartney (74)
Michael McDonald (64)
Roger McGuinn (74)
Ian McKellen (77)
Christine McVie (73)
Joni Mitchell (72)
Stephen Morris (58)
Morrissey (57)
Graham Nash (74)
John Nettles (72)
Anton Newcombe (49)
Bob Newhart (86)
Colin Newman (61)
Jimmy Page (72)
Michael Palin (73)
Carl Palmer (66)
Geoffrey Palmer (89)
Dolly Parton (70)
Neil Peart (63)
Tom Petty (65)
Robert Plant (68)
Iggy Pop (69)
Keith Richards (72)
Patrick Simmons (67)
Paul Simon (74)
Maggie Smith (81)
Mark E. Smith (59)
Bruce Springsteen (66)
Ringo Starr (76)
Patrick Stewart (76)
Stephen Stills (71)
Morton Subotnick (83)
Bernard Sumner (60)
Richard Thompson (67)
Edward Tufte (74)
Mary Tyler Moore (79)
Dick Van Dyke (90)
Tom Waits (66)
Scott Walker (the musician) (73)
Charlie Watts (75)
Bob Weir (68)
Bill Withers (78)
Stevie Wonder (66)
Neil Young (70)