Regarding Cats

Kim, 1998–2016

Recorded on June 26th, 2016

photo of Kim

Our baby girl Kim left us today. She was our alarm clock, never letting us sleep past 6:30, weekday or weekend. She liked draping herself over our legs when we listened to music or watched TV, and her favorite thing was sleeping deeply behind our knees when we napped on the couch or bed. She loved eggs and her expensive food and fresh water dripping from a faucet. I know she missed her brothers Thurston and O.J., but she gave more love than she received during those months that she was our only pet. She really ate up the attention. She wasn’t all sweetness, though. Kim was a natural hunter, and woe be unto any rodents that happened to cross her path.

It’s hard to believe she got here 18 years ago and would have been old enough for college in the fall. I suspect that after that many years, she was starting to pick up some English, although her vocal apparatus didn’t allow her to respond with anything other than “Mrawow!”

We miss you so much already, Kim. Your annoying voice was exceeded only by your pure heart.