Regarding Backups

Always, Always, Always Use at Least iCloud Backup

Recorded on December 29th, 2016

I had ignored the daily prompts to update to iOS 10.2 long enough. I finally gave in the other night, and figured that over-the-air iOS updates had gotten good enough that I would lazily skip my usual ceremony of only doing updates connected via USB to iTunes. Dumb move. I lay there in bed, starting a precautionary full iCloud backup (as I always do before an update), and waited for the phone to update itself over wifi and then reboot. But then a message popped up saying that the 10.2 update couldn’t be completed at the moment or some such. Hmm. And then it went back to the home screen.

Well, I thought, since the phone still works, I’ll just delete the downloaded 10.2 update and try again another night with the USB cable and iTunes. But the phone started acting slower and more unstable. I thought I was out of memory, so I deleted a bunch of apps and the 10.2 update. By the next morning, the phone was barely usable. I did three hard resets, and after the third one, the Apple logo on the black screen never went away. Ever. DAMN. It was like that the rest of the day at work, and I couldn’t get past it.

Luckily I found some super helpful articles from David Payette (ex-Apple employee) on what do do when your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, and then how to put it in DFU mode and restore/update from iTunes when all else fails. It took about 90 minutes to finally get all my stuff back in place, but I was able to do it at all only because I always have iCloud backups of the device running at night. You must turn those on at all costs!