The Brightech Scorpion Car Battery Jump Starter Works

Recorded on August 21st, 2016


Well, I have now stress-tested the Brightech Scorpion Jump Starter, and amazingly, it works. Sarah’s mom’s car wouldn’t start the other day. We took the Scorpion to her house and she was surprised when I pulled it out of the carrying case. It’s about the size of a VHS tape — maybe even a little smaller. I opened the hood, attached the red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery and the the black clamp to the engine block (as everyone is taught to do when they jump-start a car). After confirming the green all-clear LED and pressing the “Boost” button, I got in the car and turned the key. It didn’t crank. The lights on the instrument panel barely came on.

Crap. This was going to be my moment to shine, with my piece of futuristic new tech. I went through the process a few more times, waiting longer and longer for the Scorpion to charge the car’s battery. Every time, nothing. Barely a click from the ignition. I really didn’t want to have to return it, but it looked like a failure.

I re-read the manual and noticed that the diagram and the instructions specifically said to attach the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery. Every bone in my body said not to do that, but the cables coming out of the Scorpion weren’t long enough to reach any other obviously exposed metal part of the car’s chassis, so I tentatively touched the negative clamp to the battery, didn’t see a spark, and held my breath as I got back in the car. It started right up! The part of the car that I tried first must not have had enough clean metal to carry all the current to the battery. I gave the engine some gas for a few minutes, disconnected the Scorpion, and we made it to Advance Auto to buy a new battery.

To be clear, I do not recommend ever connecting the negative clamp of a jumper cable or car battery booster directly to the negative pole of a dead battery. But in this case it was my only option and it got us out of a jam. If you get the Scorpion, always try to find a clean piece of metal for the negative clamp before doing anything else. I am not a lawyer, but I did make it through 1.5 years of electrical engineering before I bailed out.

After that was all done, I probably could have tossed the Scorpion back in the trunk of my car and gotten a sufficient charge out of it if I had needed to in the future, but I charged it fully back up at home just to be safe.

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