The Brightech Scorpion Battery Booster Has Now Saved Us Twice

Recorded on September 4th, 2016

In a previous post, I talked about how the Brightech Scorpion Battery Booster jumped my mother-in-law’s dead car. That was a low-stress situation. It was the middle of the day, we had fully functional cars close by, and we were in a familiar neighborhood.

But tonight my own car died as we tried to leave the Krispy Kreme parking lot well after sundown. Totally dead — not even any interior lights working. Fortunately, we had the charged Scorpion in the trunk. Again I tried to attached the negative clamp to the engine block. The engine tried to turn over, but it wouldn’t finish. I connected the negative clamp to the negative terminal of the battery, turned the key, and the engine started right up. OK, fine! I’ve learned my lesson with this thing. I don’t love hooking it up that way, but I’ll do it.

After we got on the road, my car continued to act wimpy for the next 10 miles until we got home. The instrument panel was definitely darker than usual, and every click of the turn signal caused those lights to dim a little. I just tried to give it all the gas I could to keep some kind of charge going to the electrical system. I think I actually got a shoulder cramp from being tense the whole way.

The problem must be the alternator, which I read tonight can lead to a bad battery. We will see what the shop has to say when they look at it. Until then, I probably won’t drive it. But when I do, the Scorpion will be with me.

Now I must order some bright LED emergency flares from Amazon.

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