Blank Reminder Notifications in iOS 10

Recorded on October 4th, 2016

Because it’s so easy to add reminders with Siri on the iPhone, there are quite a few short-horizon tasks that make it out of my TaskPaper “trusted system” and into iOS Reminders. Stuff like, “get gas when I leave work” and other really dumb things are perfect for Reminders. But there’s always some weirdness with it, especially if you sync with a MacBook. I had a few reminders that I marked as completed or “remind me tomorrow” on the MacBook this morning. After I got to work, this is what my phone’s lock screen looked like:


I can’t find find anyone reporting exactly this problem on the Apple discussion forums. Most of them write in to say that reminders just disappear from Notification Center, but I don’t think I’m having that happen often. This blank-reminder issue (or reminders that just never clear, even after marking them as done) is what I see most of the time.

Reminders, I want to trust you with more and more, but this kind of thing feels rickety.

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