Back-Button Focus on the Panasonic GX1

Recorded on April 14th, 2016

photo of a Boston Terrier [One of our best dog-friends. Not, unfortunately, taken with back-button focus.]

As much as I love the Panasonic GX1, it always seems to be a beat or two behind me. I miss a lot of good shots, either because the camera hunts (for an eternity) for focus every time I half-press the shutter release, or because I think a frame is in focus and I only learn later how off it was. After learning about the wonders of back-button focusing, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it on the GX1. I think this question and answer on GetDPI is onto something:

AF Shutter OFF….. at first I thought the AF/AE Lockhold to ON solved my problem, however, this presents other problems with AF tracking and AFC! In AF Lock Hold mode, to engage the AF, I also found I needed to double press the button if I was changing focus point. With the one setting to AF Shutter to OFF, and AF Lockhold to OFF, the problems go away.

That’s not quite how mine ended up after playing with it. I set Shutter AF to OFF and AF/AE Lock Hold to ON. To best take advantage of the AF/AE Lock button on the back of the camera, I set AF/AE Lock to AF.

If your subject is going to be approximately the same distance from you for the duration of multiple successive shots, you can press AF/AE Lock once to lock focus and take a bunch of better pictures faster, while simultaneously watching out for that crucial element of a good photo: Moment (the other two being Light and Composition).

I’ve only just set it up this way tonight. I’ll report back on whether it works as well as I think it will.

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