The YNAB Toolkit Browser Extension

Recorded on August 19th, 2016

A friend of mine told me about the new YNAB Toolkit browser extension. The people who wrote it and contribute to it aren’t affiliated with YNAB — they’re just enthusiastic about the new web-based version of the app and see opportunities to add features that the rest of us think are missing.

If you’re a YNAB-online user, you have to get this thing. The extension adds a ton of new features to YNAB. I’m using the Chrome one, because the Safari version is a little bit behind while Apple reviews the update. Some of my favorite additions:

  • The “Check #” column is back in the account register!
  • Net Worth Report (actually, any reports at all are a big step forward)
  • In-cell calculator like in YNAB4!
  • Searching transactions, like in YNAB4
  • Alternating row colors in the register
  • Shortcut buttons show Scheduled or Reconciled items quickly in the register
  • Current month is highlighted in blue in Budget view
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