I Will Totally Return to Wong Gonzalez

Recorded on July 13th, 2016

photo of interior of Wong Gonzalez restaurant

My brother once said that he’d love to write movie reviews if all he had to do was see the movie and write one-sentence summaries saying “Sucks” or “Go see it”. This isn’t a review of Wong Gonzalez on Grace St. so much as a direction to “Go eat there” because:

  1. The staff is friendly.
  2. They have a really good but not overwhelming beer selection.
  3. The Wong’s Guac appetizer (with crispy fried shallots and shrimp crackers) that our friends got tonight looked great, and I think they liked them. I was too full to eat anything more than my own entrée.
  4. I can 100% recommend General Wong’s Fried Chicken Burrito. It’s glazed fried chicken with rice and other stuff in a burrito. Delicious!

The photo above was taken tonight (Tuesday) at 9:14, well past their peak hours. It was quite a bit busier an hour before. With all those people eating and drinking well, it can get loud and cavernous. That could be solved with some acoustical treatments on the ceiling, but that’s the only thing I think Wong Gonzalez needs. They’ve only been open a few weeks, so I’m sure that finishing touch is coming eventually.

Go see it!

Dudes: Just be aware that there’s a big-ass Farrah Fawcett print taking up an entire wall of the men’s room. It can startle a person if they’re not expecting it.

photo of bathroom at Wong Gonzalez

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