Unibox for Mass-Deleting Emails

Recorded on May 19th, 2016

Grey told Myke on Episode 29 of Cortex about (yet) another new iOS email app he likes: Unibox. The twist with this app is that it arranges email by recent senders instead of by the last individual messages that arrived. It’s an actually new way to think about displaying and processing email:

(Screenshots stolen from their App Store listing)

screenshot of Unibox app

screenshot of Unibox app

I just tried it and I don’t know if I’d want to live in it over the stock Apple Mail mobile app. My brain just needs to know unambiguously how close it is to truly cleaning out the inbox. But, I can see that Unibox could be really handy for deleting a clump of old messages from a single sender (especially automated notifications or old newsletters that never got read in the first place). I don’t know of an app that makes that easier to do on iOS.

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