Two Simultaneous Apps for Twitter

Recorded on November 17th, 2016

To pick up where I left off after writing about Nuzzel, I did set up a Twitter list of just the people that I started following last week to keep up with the Orange One’s, uh, transition. I muted all those people in Tweetbot, so that my timeline looks pretty much like it always did, with tweets from friends, web designers, app developers, musicians, etc. Mutes in Tweetbot don’t translate to any other apps, so I run Twitteriffic to just monitor the new Orange One list, where those tweets can still come through. I can dip in and out of the “fun” tweets with Tweetbot, where missing some is non-critical, and not miss the parade of unraveling real-world events (and learn what to do about it) with Twitteriffic.

We were both depressingly caught in Twitter’s clutches, wasting entire evenings scrolling through tweets from people smarter than us, our mouths agape, eyebrows raised higher and higher. It’s crazy to do this, but putting up a two-app firewall between these two helped me a ton.

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