Today View in iOS Apple Mail App

Recorded on February 20th, 2016

I just discovered the “Today” inbox in Apple’s Mail app on iOS. If you use that instead of the regular “Inbox”, you see only the emails that have arrived today. Everything older falls away.

screenshot of mailboxes in Mail app

This is hugely calming, as I hardly ever keep up with my email. When I look at my inbox normally, I see thousands of unprocessed messages sitting in it, which makes me feel like there’s no point in chipping away at the pile. But with this “Today” option, there’s a new state of emptiness to “protect” every morning, even if it’s only imaginary. Seeing just a handful of new messages gives my lizard brain hope that it can manage those few. If I can get through those, then I go back over to Dispatch to deal with anything older. The pile is still available there, but at least I have a shot now of keeping up with what was added since midnight.

Go and sin no more!

screenshot of Today inbox in Mail app

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