Time Tracking Apps on iOS

Recorded on July 9th, 2016

I know I spend too much time researching cameras and lenses I don’t have. It’s not the way to become a better photographer. The better way is… spend more time taking photos. Duh. But to do that also means spending time processing/editing photos (in Lightroom, for me). I thought about the time I spend in Lightroom, which I love, and wanted to do more of it, but also wanted it to not take over life. I thought, “there must be a non-sucky app for tracking time for personal/creative projects”. If I found that, it’d also be good to use for tracking time spent blogging, editing photos, working on music, etc.

I found this Forbes article about just such apps (I know: Forbes — just deal with the annoying quote of the day). From that article, Hours looks pretty good. Also, Eternity Time Log gets insanely good reviews on the App Store. I’ll give them both a try and report back later.

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