You Can Re-order Projects in the TaskPaper 3 Sidebar

Recorded on June 12th, 2016

screenshot of TaskPaper 3 on the Mac

Maybe everyone already knew about this, but I sure didn’t. In TaskPaper 3 for the Mac, you can click on a project name in the sidebar and drag it around to re-order it. Of course, doing so moves all of that project’s descendants1 with it. If this was always the case, I sure wish I had been paying more attention. This is going to help me a ton! I frequently need to pull a project up into the near-term landscape, out of the deep, dark Well of Neglected Projects. I thought the only way to do that was to select the entire project in the main text window and cut and paste it to a new spot. Now all I have to do is click and drag one item in the project list.

  1. I still want to type that as “Descendents” with an “e”. 

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