Red Lentil Pasta That Tastes Like Pasta

Recorded on June 20th, 2016

photo of Tolerant Red Lentil Penne

The other night, Sarah made a delicious dinner using Tolerant Red Lentil Penne instead of regular gluten-y penne. If you’re gluten-intolerant, or even if you’re just bloat-intolerant, you have to try this stuff. We’ve had other bean-based pastas before and some are ok, but they can be a little rubbery on the tooth. Not with this one. So, so good, with the right al dente feeling, and just fun to eat.

Sarah informed me that the name “Tolerant” is not necessarily because they’re an open-minded company, but because of how your body will be “tolerant” of their no-gluten pasta.

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