Nuzzel, to Tame Your Twitter Timeline

Recorded on November 16th, 2016


In these times of dumpster fires in the White House and jaw-dropping headlines seemingly every hour, Twitter is the only place I can manage to watch it all unfold. I don’t even follow all that many people, but my timeline has quickly gotten out of control this past week.

Nuzzel is a handy iOS app that aggregates the articles linked to by your Facebook/Twitter friends or the people they follow. I had tried it briefly a year or two ago, but that was when I followed fewer people and didn’t feel the need to try to “keep up” (God help me). I remembered it today and re-installed it and it’s still a great tool. You miss the personal flavor that immediately surrounded each link, but you can also avoid scrolling through 10 tweets that all point to the same article. And you can still dive in and the see the original tweets from friends if you’re curious.

I also may need to break down and figure out how to use Twitter Lists.

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