Mutable Instruments Modules

Recorded on May 29th, 2016

Like the rest of MoogFest, the Modular Marketplace was totally overwhelming, in the best way. A dozen, or dozens, of modular manufacturers crowded their display tables into the narrow, deep left half of the Power Plant at the American Tobacco Campus. I could have spent an entire day in there, just getting familiar with what each company had to contribute. I’ll know a lot more when we go next time, but this time, the demo units from Mutable Instruments were my favorite. First, they are drop-dead gorgeous. Here’s “Elements”, which almost made me walk out with it, except I had to pick between that and the Moog Mother-32, and I figured the Mother-32 was a better starter module:

photo of Mutable Instruments Elements module Elements, from the Mutable Instruments website

Second, they’re really weird, and not based on typical subtractive synthesis like I’m used to. Lots of physical modeling and resonating going on with them. I see the knobs and switches and I don’t automatically know what they do, which is exciting. Third, they sound so musical. For being software-based, they sure do manage to coax some organic, lifelike sound out of their electronics. Here’s what “Rings” sounds like:

Here’s “Clouds”:

That’s crazy!

I have many of their modules on my want-list.

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