More Justification for Buying the Moog Mother-32

Recorded on May 22nd, 2016

photo of Moog Mother-32 synth

One day into owning the Mother-32 I can hear that there is so much more sound in it than I first suspected. It looks deceptively diminutive, but it’s extremely flexibile. It’s also got time on its side.

From the Mother-32 owners manual:

REMEMBER: Experimentation and learning will reward you with a lifetime of rich synthesizer experiences.

As much as I love Apple gear and having (occasionally) the latest iOS device, you will never see that sentence written in the manual for an iPhone or iPad. The Mother-32 was not cheap, but it was also no more expensive than a new 64GB iPad mini 4. Unlike an iPad, this Moog will still be usable in 20 years. It’ll even work long after I’m gone, assuming its capacitors are still good by then. How many decent years will you get out of an iPad before it’s a pain to use? Three, maybe four.

Another plus for the synth: you don’t typically get rid of modular gear — you just keep adding to it. Every new module you add makes all the other old modules that much more valuable because they all feed off of each other. Yeah, in the end it’s just buying into a different kind of upgrade cycle, but it’s one that gets better and deeper over time.

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