Mary Angela’s Has the Best Fries in Richmond

Recorded on May 1st, 2016

photo of fries from Mary Angela's Pizza

If you’re looking for the best fries in Richmond, look no further than Mary Angela’s Pizza on Cary St.

Why would a place known for their delicious pizzas have the best fries? I don’t know. Just be grateful that you evolved from a much earlier life form and your parents bumped into each other a few years after the owners of Mary Angela’s did and they opened a business and you moved to Richmond and were hungry one day and ordered fries.

Let me describe the ways in which their fries are the best:

  1. There are no unnecessary bullshit spices on their fries. Who needs that? It would just detract from the taste.
  2. There is no unecessary bullshit skin on their fries. See #1.
  3. The surface area is off the chain. Crinkles. I’m sure if you do some math involving sines, cosines, and tangents, you’ll discover that Mary Angela’s has optimized the angles such that there is a maximum ratio of crispy french fry surface to length of fry. Oscar had a heap of apples, indeed.
  4. The temperature is perfect. Just barely hot enough to be uncomfortable to bite right into. You have to blow on them a little at first. Their fries are never burned, nor are they overcooked.
  5. They come in a basket big enough to share with one other person, but no more than one other person.
  6. They will deliver the basket of fries well in advance of the pizza.

Stop reading this and go get some fries at Mary Angela’s.

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